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Initial assessment for EECP/ECP

1. Initial Assessment

Our medical team conducts a comprehensive yet swift screening process to ensure that your EECP®/ECP sessions are not only safe but also tailored to your specific needs. This involves a thorough review of your medical history, essential tests, and assessment of any potential risk factors. Your safety, well-being, and suitability for our program are our utmost priorities, ensuring that we are the right fit for addressing your health needs effectively.

eecp ecp treatment

2. EECP®/ECP Sessions

Lie down, relax, and even listen to some favorite tunes. Our ECP therapists will ensure your comfort throughout the sessions. From sizing the cuffs perfectly to monitoring your vitals, we’ll create a tranquil and personalized environment for you to enjoy the over 144 documented benefits of your EECP®/ECP therapy.

health coaching

3. Health Coaching

Our dedication goes beyond sessions, offering continuous support through personalized health coaching and guidance. With our holistic approach, you’ll receive comprehensive assistance throughout your health journey, encompassing lifestyle coaching, exercise, supplementation, as well as guidance on nutrition and breathing techniques.

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How does the Heart Strong Wellness Program work?

Our program is a drug-free, pain-free method that enhances quality of life through education, coaching & FDA approved device for a stronger heart, sharper mind and healthier body. Most importantly, our B.E. H.A.P.P.Y.™ method is based upon best-practices and 30,000+ peer reviewed studies in the top scientific journals.

Did you know the heart can heal and get stronger at any age?

By strengthening the heart with new pathways, it becomes stronger and more efficient. The effects has been proven to last for years after initial treatment.

Improvements in heart health:

  • Increased efficiency with new pathways (collaterals)
  • More oxygen to the heart, brain and all organs
  • More strength and stamina: physical and cardio
  • More energy and vitality for all of life’s activities

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Research & Evidence-Based Best Practices

Our methodologies are based on research, backed by well-documented practices and peer reviewed for efficacy.
“Enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP) reduces angina.”
-American College of Cardiology
“EECP increases oxygen supply for the heart. Increase in energy. Decrease in chest pain.”
-Uiversity of Michigan, Frankel Cardiovascular Center
“EECP improves anginal symptoms & exercise tolerance in patients with chronic, stable angina.”
-National Institutes of Health

“Research shows many people report improved symptoms for up to a few years after EECP treatment:

– Fewer and less frequent symptoms of angina, including chest pain.

-Increased energy.

-More ability to be active or exercise without symptoms.

– Reduced need for medication.”

-Cleveland Clinic

The Leader In Preventive Heart Care


Our proprietary B.E. H.A.P.P.Y™ method is based upon 30,000+ peer reviewed studies.


Your results are measured and validated by tracked metrics.


Your treatmennt is tailored for your specific conditions and goals.


Improvement in heart health, stength,and capacity will increase your energy and quality of life.


You will be coached on foundational habbits for life long success.


Benefits and improved quality of life that can last for years after treatment.