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We have helped many people lead healthy lives pain free, drug free, needle free using our holistic methods of treatment 

“I have family that has had heart disease. I love that Pratiksha Gandhi wants to help change the world in the preventive space”

Mike.G Non Profit Mastermind Coach

Thank You for helping me solve my heart health problems after my heart attack in February 2023❤️🙏🏼 You are the best heart health coach!

Cindy D Photographer/Wellness Advocate

I discovered there's tremendous hope for managing heart-related issues without the potential side effects of medications or the expenses and challenges of surgery

Gary. P Businessman

Located in the Bamboo Garden Wellness Center

We are located in beautiful Rancho Santa Fe Plaza in Encinitas. After treatment, enjoy a fresh baked French pastry on the patio and soak in the radiant sun.

Dr. Gandhi
Pratiksha Gandhi, MD

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